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F.E.E.D. Course List

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Course # Title Units Description
AGB 339 Internship in Agriculture 4 Selected students will spend up to 12 weeks with an approved agricultural firm engaged in production or related business. Time will be spent applying and developing production and managerial skills and abilities. One unit of credit may be allowed for each full week of completed and reported internship.
AGB 322 Principles of Agribusiness Management 4 Organization and operation of agribusinesses. Identification of factors affecting profitability. Evaluation of the business for increased efficiency and profit. Application of budgeting to representative firms and independent analysis of an agribusiness.
BRAE 141 Agricultural Machinery Safety 3 Evaluation of safe tractor and equipment operation. Supervised field operation emphasizing the safe and efficient performance of modern farm and utility-industrial equipment.
SS 131 Soils in Environmental and Agricultural Systems 4 Soils' ecological functions; soil and the water cycle; soil in production of food, fiber, and forest materials; techniques and reports of soil analyses with agricultural and environmental applications; soil quality; introductory overview of soils and civilizations.
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Class Enrollment

Additional topics will be covered outside of the formal academic courses including traditional row crop production and orchard production through hands-on experiences in the internship course, farm tours, and guest speaker appearances from industry experts.

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