F.E.E.D. Course Schedule*

Last Updated: 01/16/18

Students attending F.E.E.D. can expect 18 weeks of challenging yet rewarding coursework and hand-on exercises modeled after Cal Poly’s Learn-By-Doing educational model.

Your internship will start with an intensive introduction to Pepper Creek Farms, a sustainable, organic, small family farm. The farm is located on 15 acres in the beautiful, fertile Huasna Valley of Arroyo Grande, CA. We have been providing seasonal fruits and vegetables to residents, chefs, restaurants, and local CSAs for nearly 20 years and are committed to providing the community with great-tasting, healthy produce that is naturally grown and pesticide-free.

The latest addition to the farm is our 4,300-square foot greenhouse, which houses a Nutrient Film Technique (or NFT) hydroponic system. Here, we grow living lettuces, Asian greens, watercress, arugula, and other delicious and nutritious greens on a year-round, consistent basis.

Students can expect to spend most mornings in a traditional classroom setting at Cal Poly to obtain the foundational theories associated with each course. Classes include Principles of Agribusiness Management, Soils in Environmental and Agricultural Systems, and Agricultural Machinery Safety. Afternoons will be dedicated to labs, practical exercises allowing students to apply the theories that they are learned earlier in the classroom.

A minimum of two afternoons a week will be spent on internship time at Pepper Creek Family Farm with optional additional time to delve more deeply into specific subjects and enhance your experiential learning. We will focus on and broadly employ a ‘hands-on’ practical course of learning and give you the tools needed to seamlessly begin working in the industry or start your own farm.”

Check Pepper Creek Farms on Facebook: Click Here

Typical Schedule

Course # Course Title Units Days Times Location Instructor
AGB - 322 Principles of Agribusiness Management 4 Tuesday, Thursday 1-2:30 PM (LEC)
3-4:00 PM (ACT)
Sean Hurley
SS - 131 Soils in Environmental and Agricultural Systems 4 Tuesday, Thursday
9:30-11:00 AM (LEC)
8:30-11:00 AM (ACT)
52-D27A Eric Boyd
BRAE - 141 Agricultural Machinery Safety 3 Tuesday, Thursday
8-9:00 AM (LEC)
12-3:00 PM (LAB)
AG Engineer Shop 06
Jim Zetzsche
AGB - 339 Internship in Agriculture 4 Wednesday, Friday 9-10:30 AM
12-4:00 PM
Morgan Boyd

* Course Schedule subject to change

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